Surviving to thriving (while isolating!)

Well, what a time. My second blog and podcast on how I’m surviving to thriving was going to be all about how I’m thriving in my new life, how excited I was to be going to see family in the States and how well my business is going!

Instead I’m in month two of isolation. I have worked from home for many years, occasional forays out to teach courses, visit centres, go to meetings and conferences etc., but most days you could find me sat in my office happily working away. Now I’m not only working from home as usual, but also in isolation so my daily breaks and treats have gone. No more seeing grandchildren most days, I can’t visit my mother in the care home. My sister and I can’t meet for coffee. My fab walking group are now solo walkers and my visits to local shops can’t happen.

To be honest, its been hard. There have been some very low moments and some days I haven’t heard my voice out loud at all. I miss the company of others and know I am one of many who are stuck at home alone.

So enough of my surviving, how am I thriving?

As much of my work is on hold, I am taking advantage of the huge amount of free training, challenges, workshops, and business groups there are out there at the moment. Not only am I learning a lot about running a business, developing courses, techy stuff, but I’ve connected with some amazing people through these opportunities and had some fun on Zoom calls! I have a greater clarity about my business – in fact I have two great ideas which will be happening very soon and I have relaunched a course which has gained a lot of interest.

I am going for a very brisk walk every day at 6am – this positive start to my morning really sets me up for the day. Since I have been doing this, I make healthier food choices, have more energy and focus better on my work. I also find my mood is better, still get low moments but I can manage them better.

I have also realised that if I spend time planning my day every morning and reviewing when I sign off from work I keep track of work, focus on the important tasks, get the mundane done and really feel I’ve achieved something at the end of the day. I even plan in my gardening time and have vegetables growing!

So this may be a tricky period for us, but we can use the time to focus on ourselves, our work – anything that often gets neglected. I miss my family so much but when we meet up again they will be getting a hugely improved version of me so all in all, despite everything I can honestly say I’m thriving!