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Stop surviving, start thriving

Feel like you are just surviving when you should be thriving?

I help women like you who feel they are surviving but want to be thriving.

I know all about the changes and challenges women in mid-adulthood are often faced with.  Everything from the misery of menopause, caring about and often for elderly parents, worrying about children leaving home being single again, going back to work or just feeling that there should be more to life than this same old routine.

The only thing keeping you stuck in your current life is you, your lack of confidence and clarity and a little (ok, maybe a lot of) anxiety or fear.  So let’s work together to change that and get you from surviving to thriving.

About me 

As well as over 30 years of experience in my fields, I have gone through many personal and professional changes – some sought, some unexpected but welcome, some part of life, and a few that were downright unwanted and difficult. Ive been angry, sad, scared and determined and now I’m thriving!

The combination of my personal experience, and my professional expertise and training means I can support you in overcoming anxiety and  stress, with personal and/or professional development, making amazing and sustainable changes, releasing fears and phobias, achieving goals and creating a successful and healthy life.  

I may not have a magic wand – but I do have the skills to support you in making magical changes!

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Your questions answered

what can you help with?

I specialise in overcoming anxiety in all its many forms, including general, social, work or health anxiety. 

I will help you shift the fears, phobias and blocks that are holding you back from a fulfilling life.

I can help you gain clarity, confidence and control in many areas, including mindset,  motivation, weight and wellbeing.

Just to be clear, this is not therapy, we are not going to delve into your past - we are going to create your future.

What is the anxiety package?

The anxiety package includes four sessions, and before you book this, we will have a 20-30 minute call to help us decide if we can work together successfully.  Before this call you will be asked to complete some questions so I can structure the call to your needs.

When we decide to work together, we will have a 90 minute session followed by three more sessions, two at weekly intervals and the final one about a month later, which gives you time to process, and put into practice what we cover.

You will get recordings of all the techniques we use (if you want them) and a handy crib sheet to keep in your wallet.

Sessions can take place face to face or online at a time that suits you.

If you would prefer a one-off, quick-fix session, we can discuss this during the initial consultation.

why me?

I know how it feels to experience anxiety and stress, to have sudden, often shocking changes thrown at you, and how difficult it can be to cope alone. I have lived with fears and phobias that held me back from living a happy and fulfilling life and I have gone through periods of stress, depression and, at times crippling anxiety that led me to withdraw from family and friends.  I got through all these times, eventually, but I know the right support at the right time would have made it so much easier and quicker.

I now guide and support others in the way I wish I had been supported, and look forward to working with you. Whether you come to see me for anxiety, fears, phobias or trauma, for weight loss, to help with changes or just to create a more positive outlook, I can help.

I have extensive coaching experience in many areas including stress management, hypnotism, Kinetic Shift Technique, and tapping (thought Field Therapy), as well as over 30 years experience in health related fitness, wellbeing and behaviour change.

I know that together we can find the best way to support you in moving forward.

what is kinetic shift?

Kinetic Shift is a technique that helps with anxiety, phobias, post trauma, weight loss, phobias and much more. It is an active, intuitive and dynamic method that removes blocks and barriers and builds confidence and energy.

Amazingly, the practitioner does not need to know the issue; and what starts as the initial problem often leads to other blocks or barriers that the client didn't realise existed.

Kinetic Shift is not classical therapy or hypnosis but is a quick process that leads to fast changes.

What is the placebo diet?

The Placebo Diet is a truly unique process that will change your mind - and then your body and I am proud to be one of only a few coaches worldwide! For more information go to the Placebo diet page here.


What is Thought Field Therapy?

Thought Field Therapy (or TFT or tapping), is a form of therapy which may help manage or reduce symptoms of anxiety, distress or trauma using specific tapping routines to correct energy imbalances in the body and restore health and wellbeing. 

Want to read more about it?

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