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Body image – let’s make it positive

Today I was reading a post from the Mental Health Foundation about body image in men. I'm sure we are all aware that women have experienced negative body image or body dysphoria for many years, but new research shows that one in five men negatively compare their body...

How is your energy bank balance?

As this is stress awareness week, I wanted to do a quick post about your energy bank balance. How often have you missed out on something fun that you really wanted to do because "I just haven't got the energy"? We make so many withdrawals from our energy bank for the...

Newvember! New month, new pathways, new attitude

Another new month dawns and with it the realisation that there are only 61 days left in this decade. That’s right - decade! What plans did you have for this past decade? Did you achieve them or are you looking back wondering what happened - or possibly, what didn't...



Mental health matters, challenge, support and rest your mind regularly

Challenge of the week: find a new activity such as a crossword, sudoku, word search and finish it!

Meditation of the week: take a few moments today to be still.  Let your thoughts pass to one side and just let the world go by



You only have one body, treat it well with our weekly tips and topics

Health tip of the week: Think about what you can do for your gut this week – reducing sugar is probably the most important

Exercise of the week: Posture perfect – wherever you are sit up tall, shoulders down and tailbone tucked under



Fabnewlous encourages an holistic integration of mind, body and lifestyle

Lifestyle tip of the week: There is always time for activity, whether you have five minutes or longer so do something every day – walk, swim, stretch, laugh, whatever!

Recipe of the week: Super seedy bites – ideal for snacks, desserts or a quick breakfast.  For the recipe,  click here