As this is stress awareness week, I wanted to do a quick post about your energy bank balance.

How often have you missed out on something fun that you really wanted to do because “I just haven’t got the energy”?

We make so many withdrawals from our energy bank for the ‘must do, should do, need to do, it’s a favour for someone, I just couldn’t say no’ things that we don’t have much left for what we actually want to do.

I want you to imagine your energy bank, you can use any image, a phone battery, your petrol/gas tank, a cash-flow spreadsheet of just an old fashioned hourglass. Start each day by imagining a full ‘tank’ then think about what withdrawals you will need to make that day. Looking a bit depleted? Ok, so now think about what you can do to make an energy deposit – a walk in the park; coffee with a friend (even if it’s over the internet or phone); a bath, facial, manicure; reading your favourite book; an exercise session; or just taking time to do something that gives you energy.

Plan your day to include energy deposits as well as withdrawals, write them in your planner as important ‘appointments’ and stick to them! It’s just as important to keep your energy bank in credit as it is your bank balance as stress is often the result of too many withdrawals and no deposits. Start to balance the energy books today and put yourself first (even if it’s for half an hour a day) and let me know how you get on.

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