Another new month dawns and with it the realisation that there are only 61 days left in this decade. That’s right – decade! What plans did you have for this past decade? Did you achieve them or are you looking back wondering what happened – or possibly, what didn’t happen?

When 2010 dawned, so many years ago (actually its only ten!), I had just moved to a new city, away from everything I knew into an unknown future that I hoped (assumed) would be awesome. I moved for a potential job, and halfway through the interview realised I didn’t actually want it, so I withdrew. Two big steps – first moving then withdrawing! Naively, I still thought amazing thing would just happen because I’d made such a big move. They didn’t. I did have some success, made great friends, learned a lot and gained a lot – but I also missed (ignored/refused/blanked) many exciting opportunities through fear, a lack of confidence and not believing in me.

Fast forward nearly a decade, and I have made another move across the UK, necessary rather than desired, and resisted initially. However, I realised that by resisting I was blocking my future so I reframed the move into an exciting new opportunity, put on my Wonder Woman pants and found amazing support. As a result I have now not only accepted this move but embraced it, I have reflected, reviewed and refreshed and I’m ready for a fabnewlous new decade!

So as this decade comes to an end, I am letting go of my old repeating patterns, fears and doubts, my need to be invisible and my fear of ‘showing off’ (more of that soon!). As the new decade starts I am greeting it with new confidence, clarity and positive pathways. I’m showing up for my dreams!

It has taken some intense personal development and some great support to get me here, but I have finally got out of my own way and I am looking forward to an amazing decade full of abundance, opportunity and success 🏆

However, these things are always better shared, so I’d love it if you would join me on this journey!