Fears and stresses and change – oh my!
Well, its been a busy couple of months setting up this business and two weeks ago I left the security of a permanent job to go freelance. How do I feel? Scared, excited, nervous. But it is definitely the right time for me to follow my heart. Children are all grown up, grandchildren growing up (and arriving!) and life is pretty stable. So why change now? Why not!
Change is all around us whether we see it, want it or hide from it and for me, it is important to make this change and move into the next phase of my life.
So what happens now – now I will be working as a change and life coach, helping people overcome fears, phobias and stress, instigate or cope with change, and develop a new and healthy lifestyle.
If you would like to find out more, email me and we can chat! In the meantime, wish me luck!