So, it was New Year’s Eve and, along with probably most of the population, and as I have done for many years, I was planning my next year – however this year it is with the distinct feeling of certainty that my time is now. What is different this time though, why is it going to work now when I have been making plans every year and seeing them fade away for way too long?

Because this time the nail really hurts (see last blog) and I have to choose between pain and positivity. To give you a little background (and forgive me for not giving specific details, but they are not all mine to give). Two years ago I was living in my fab home in my favourite city of all and doing my ideal job, the one I had been working towards for many years.  I saw my family every couple of months or so, which wasn’t ideal but was working ok for us all. And then…

Members of my family, both older and younger (I’m the sandwich generation!) needed my support, so I dropped everything to be there for them. Who wouldn’t? On the plus side, circumstances meant they ended up living in the same village which I knew well from visiting over the years, which did make things easier.  On the negative side this was the other side of the country from where I lived so a temporary move was needed. I packed up what I would need for a few weeks, took temporary leave from my job, and charged my neighbour with looking after my post and headed East.

As is often the case, temporary turned into permanent so here I am two years later having sold my home, and having to get rid of over two thirds of my possessions – and questioning why I have some of them in the first place (8 mini tagines? I’ve never cooked a tagine in my life!), dealing with a cantankerous mother (Alzheimer’s, broken hips, incontinence and stubbornness are not a good combination) and helping with grandchild care. It has been a huge change, and although it was not forced on me, it was not of my conscious desire or seeking. To be honest there have been some very difficult moments and a fair amount of grumpiness and resentment on my part. However, decisions have been made, ties cut and life must go on so what’s a girl to do? I’ll tell you what, toughen up, see it as a positive challenge and get busy creating a new and purposeful life!  I have been coaching people through change on a more informal basis for many years so having had to go through the process myself it seemed the ideal time to make it my new and chosen path.

This blog is going to track my progress from stress to success through 2019; what worked, what didn’t and what I have learned along the way and how you can use it for yourself. I will be honest about my progress and will be grateful for support and feedback that will help me develop. Hopefully I can use of all this experience to enhance my new role as a change and diet coach (more of that later) but even if I don’t, I’ll still end up with a fabnewlous life!  I hope you come along for the ride!