Change your mind, change your body

What is the Placebo Diet?

The Placebo Diet has been called ‘the easiest diet ever’ by many of the mainstream newspapers and offers a range of different programmes, workshops and retreats as well as individual coaching.  It uses your mind to help you change your body and really works.

I am proud to be one of the international team of Placebo Diet coaches who guide and support people on their weight loss journeys.

To find out more about this unique multi-level programme, which changes your mind as well as your body, giving you a 360* transformation – inside and out – ‘click on the ‘get started button on the left.

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Ready to change your life?

I run 8 week courses in Coggeshall, Essex.  Week 1 is a 30 minute introduction to the Placebo Diet and is free.  You then have 3 options:

Option A:  buy the Placebo Diet at Home.  Receive all the online resources and weekly emails from Janet and the team, but no classes.

Option B:  buy any packege (Placebo Diet at Home, Colour Fast Reset or Get Inspired Quick Start) and my 8 week course. Get all the online resources, weekly emails plus the classes which give you full support for the programme, a 30 minute exercise session and weekly tips.

Maintenance: once you have completed the 8 week programme, you can attend follow on sessions to keep you motivated and up to date with the Placebo Diet.

Change your mind, change your body, change your life!