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Sarah is a successful author, health related fitness expert, coach, weight loss coach, Kinetic Shift practitioner, Thought Field Therapist and stress management consultant.  With over 30 years’ experience in her fields, she is ideally placed to support you with your personal or professional development. In that time, she has written and delivered professional training to many people, including private clients, organisations, fitness instructors and health care professionals.  Her skill and understanding in personal and professional development, behaviour change and life coaching has supported many people in making successful changes, overcoming fears, blocks and barriers, creating and achieving goals and adopting healthier lifestyles.  She has worked with people with weight issues, physical and mental health conditions, challenging circumstances, and fears and phobias, and has gone through many difficult changes herself so she knows that there are no real barriers, it’s just a question of finding what works for you. 

Sarah may not have a magic wand – but she does have the skills to support you in making magical changes!

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