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Sarah Bolitho is your Mid Adult Mentor and is passionate about helping you make small changes that add up to big differences in your life.  Sarah is a behaviour change and anxiety management expert with over 30 years of experience, and a wealth of knowledge about the challenges, changes and calamities that affect women in mid-adulthood. 

Sarah is a successful health related fitness and weight loss expert, a Kinetic Shift practitioner, Thought Field Therapist and Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner.  She designs and delivers training to many audiences, with a particular emphasis on mental health awareness. Her skill and understanding of the blocks and barriers that hinder personal and professional development, has helped many people make significant changes in their lives and she works with you to create a plan that suits your circumstances.

Behind her she has years of experience in helping people change their lives in many ways, from small tweaks to huge leaps and now runs her own business, fabnewlous, working with mid-adult women.  She has co-authored several books including the Complete Guide to Behavioural Change for Sport and Fitness Professionals and has developed her own approach to goal setting, ‘Just for Today’. which focuses on making small, simple, and sustainable changes to your mindset and your habits, one day at a time.  Sarah has an intuitive and inquiring mind and loves to share her expertise and insight with others and help them grow. 

Sarah will guide you from your now-self to your WOW-self, living the life you want!

To recharge, refresh and restore, Sarah loves walking  – ideally by the sea or in the mountains but anywhere surrounded by nature will do. She particularly likes early morning walks and feeling the joy of a new day!  In her spare time, she is a hypnotist and loves to wear a tiara for no good reason.

Sarah may not have a magic wand – but she does have the skills to support you in making magical changes!

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